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Real racing experience is our proof of quality
The world of over 300km/h. Over the years, we have competed in the All-Japan GT Championship, Le Mans, Daytona, and many other international races. Through this experience one of the most important realizations was that a racetrack is a live laboratory. Just like the best sports car manufacturers that are able to leave their place in history, we use race tracks to develop and test products for function, endurance, and safety.
However, in car tuning, we put strong consideration in protecting the environment. For aerodynamic parts, we use real aerodynamic research to ensure efficiency. For mufflers, while maximizing power output and designing a great sound, we comply with the stringent government standards. For suspension tuning, we work to provide sporty handling while ensuring passenger comfort.

We continually strive to improve our completed products to ensure they are the best on the market. We take pride in having the Orque brand stand for quality first-and-foremost, ensuring precision by hand-making many products, and always aiming toward a higher level of driving pleasure and comfort

159Q4 288R  Maxpower : 288ps  Revlimit : 7.500rpm
Orque has released computer tuning maps for the new Alfa Romeo models like the Giulietta, Abarth, Renault MeganeR.S, Ferrari and Lamborghini, but by tuning the original software directly, we maintained all of the safety mechanisms developed by the manufacturer. Achieving great efficiency through constant calculations of the condition of the entire engine system, we have maximized fuel efficiency and cam timing while maintaining the option to toggle rev limit, and have realized a smooth and reliable power increase. This method is far superior and seamless to using an independent sub-computer for tuning.

Fiat500ABARTH 200R

MiTo 210SP

Giulietta 300R
In addition to have developed a complete model based on the GTA, Alfa Romeo's sportiest model, we have released the 288R, a complete Orque original based on the 159 Q4. By designing and developing these models in-house at Orque, the tuning of all components is bar-none. Also, with testing time at various locations, the aerodynamics, air intake system, suspension, computer, and even body rigidity have been tuned to ensure that our customers can enjoy the Orque-tuned Alfa Romeos in a wide range of environments - from city to circuit.

Orque is constantly moving forward. In our cars, you will feel the real racing spirit rush through your body.

GTA-R  Maxpower:276ps Revlimit:7480rpm

Original parts hand-made in-Factory

Please explore our original parts. Function, design, and above all quality is of the highest standard by developing our parts in-house. The Orque brand parts are all hand-made precision tuning parts. As a result, our parts have limited production but retain the spirit and quality that is unparalleled to mass-produced parts.
In-house design and development

All of our original parts are designed and developed in-house at Orque. Without compromise, to develop products with complete freedom and independence, engineers and mechanics work as a team to solve the challenges projects present by utilizing the strengths and abilities that only the Orque team can. Design and the finished form are relentlessly pursued. For example, mufflers and exhaust systems are designed to maximize engine performance by taking advantage of the engine characteristics. We never sacrifice power for sound. “This is nice!” The smile of our customers provides us with the most pleasure.
Technology infrastructure to support data analysis is vital

We believe that engine overhaul know-how, computer-tuning knowledge, painstaking collecting of data, tenacity, and research and development are crucial. Area and bench testing are a step that is irreplaceable by test driving.

Racecar development and maintenance by Toyota, Nissan factory works team driver Shunji Kasuya

In 1989, Shunji Kasuya was the first Japanese driver to win in the Le Mans 24 hour endurance race.

Although known as a “graded driver,” a rank bestowed on those internationally successful in series like the Formula One and Le Mans, the secret to that speed is in the engineering ability. Philosophy and the abilities of the man successful on the world-stage of racing is the basis for Orque’s quality and trust from our customers.

Racing usually equates to high-cost, but Orque, as your partner in enjoying motorsports, would like to provide you with an opportunity to experience circuit driving at a reasonable cost. Please contact us for more information. We are open to developing and maintaining any type of racing cars. Of course we can even maintain formula cars. Currently, Team Orque competes in Super Endurance race and Macau GP, but we also support various amateur series.Please feel free to consult.

If you are struggling with racing technique, you just may be able to catch Shunji Kasuya sometime for some help!

Shunji Kasuya